I am driven to help founders and inventors with game-changing ideas overcome business, legal, and financial obstacles toward achieving a widespread market adoption. Although addressing different problems, all of the companies that I founded or worked with have one thing in common - people behind them that strive toward pushing the boundaries of what is known. Pioneers in their own rights, their discoveries have raised the bar for the industry as a whole, in addition to bringing profit to their investors. I was fortunate enough to recognize the disruptive potential in the early stages of all those businesses or even concepts, and ensure they will develop, iterate, and pivot properly to see the light of the day.

Cytoimmune Therapeutics

CytoImmune’s CoalesceNT™ platform creates a dynamic immune response by equipping innate natural killer (NK) cells and adaptive T cells with CARs and bispecific antibodies (biAbs). CARs and biAbs use different methods to improve the ability of immune cells to specifically target diseased cells.


Perimeter Medical Imaging

Perimeter Medical develops, patents, and commercializes advanced in-procedural medical imaging tools.

The OTIS™ platform provides clinicians with real-time, ultra-high resolution, sub-surface image volumes of the margin (1-2 mm below the surface) of an excised tissue specimen. The ability to visualize microscopic tissue structures during the clinical procedure has the potential to result in better long-term outcomes for patients and lower costs to the healthcare system.


Nexeon Medsystems

A global medical device company focused on providing innovative neurostimulation products

Nexeon improves the quality of life of patients suffering from debilitating neurological disease.



MicroTransponder Inc. (MTI) has developed the Paired Vagus Nerve Stimulation System (Paired VNS™ System) based on decades of neuroscience research. The Paired VNS™ System has been developed to treat two separate neurological conditions. The first is the Serenity® System for the treatment of chronic tinnitus. The second is the Vivistim® System for treatment of post-stroke upper limb mobility issues.